Remote workers back in office buildings could also have some significant impacts on the Downtown community.
The City of Trees is hiring up to 18 individuals to serve as connective tissue between the city and its community.
We’re checking out four new California state laws set to begin in 2024, and how they may be translated in Sacramento.
LGBTQ+ history has been made in Sacramento — now the city is wanting to document it.
City officials are hard at work addressing “missing middle housing.”
Get out and get involved.
And Caltrans wants to hear your take on it.
Californians ‘fell back’ for an extra hour of sleep on Sunday, Nov. 5.
Tips and tricks for navigating another rainy season in Sacramento
Clean up, clean up, everybody do your share.
They wanna see you rollin’, not hatin’.
Untold Sacramento stories of John Sutter, Nathaniel Colley, and more.
We compare our previous Municipal Equality Index scores from the Human Rights Campaign... plus, how that score might change.
The winds of change are blowing
Dolla dolla bills, y’all.
The efforts will include maintenance at flood-prone sites along Morrison Creek and the Sacramento River
Protect the night by taking some simple actions Saturday, April 15-Saturday, April 22
Request a variety of services.
Good news for Sacramento.
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