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Your guide to Sacramento’s coffee shops

If you don’t have coffee already in hand, consider this your sign to grab some.


Nothing like a relaxing meal at Temple Coffee.

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For richer or pour over, Sacramento’s coffee shops are what keep us going in the morning. Coffee is the second-most consumed beverage in the US after water.

The Farm-to-Fork Capital has no shortage of masterful baristas, aromatic roasts, and foamy lattes. But if you’re having trouble deciding on a spot, gather some brews clues with our guide to many of the best coffee shops in Sac.

Pro tip: If you need to refine your order, review the different kinds of coffee before stepping up to the counter.


Cheers to Old Soul Co.

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Perfect for a date

Milka Coffee Roasters, 1501 G St., Sacramento | Sip on a spicy Apple Hill latte at this cozy Victorian-house-turned-cafe.

Temple Coffee Roasters, Various locations | With eight locations popping up across the area over the past 17 years, Temple has become a Sacramento coffee staple — and the site of many casual first dates.

Plenty of outlets and internet connection

Old Soul Co., Various locations | With breakfast options, you can’t go wrong with this local chain’s four practical spots across the River City. You’ll also be pleased to hear each spot has pretty fast WiFi.


Oh, honey (lavender latte).

Specialty drinks

Goodside Coffee, 1430 H St., Sacramento| Goodside Coffee offers a rotating menu of limited availability roasts and seasonal beverages — like The Beam.

Camellia Coffee Roasters, 1200 R St., Ste. 130, Sacramento| This creative + colorful cafe offers specialty drinks like a horchata cold brew.

Roasts to boast

Pachamama, Various locations | Nurture your roots at this farmer-owned shop by donating to plant a coffee tree or two as you sip on your cup of single origin roast from places like Peru and Africa.

The Mill, Various locations| Want to stock up on The Mill’s delicious roasted coffee? You can order a 5-pound bulk bag from the shop’s website.

Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters, Various locations | Multi-award winning Chocolate Fish not only offers fantastic roasts, but also has classes to help you become a true coffee connoisseur.

Best bites

Mast Coffee, 2421 17th St., Sacramento | Small plates and seasonal beverages compliment this cafe’s coffee options.

Scorpio Coffee, 1905 16th St., Sacramento| Nothing screams opulence like sipping coffee in a fashionably minimalist cafe while eating stunningly-plated vegetarian breakfast dishes, like the apple ricotta toast.

On-the-go joe

Burnside Coffee Bar, 902 K St., Sacramento| This Midtown coffee cart is perfect for the busy bee who doesn’t have time to pop into a coffee shop and wait in line.

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