How you can help Sacramento tackle climate change

The winds of change are blowing


This rendering shows one possible future for the City of Trees.

Sacramento city leaders announced new steps they’re taking to address climate change. They’re also now seeking community input on how to improve the process.

The “Sacramento 2040" plan consists of two parts. The first part is the General Plan, which outlines investments and improvements that can be made in areas like transportation, housing, and environmental protection. Part two is the Climate Action and Adaptation Plan, which contains proposals for ways to lower greenhouse gas emissions and reach carbon neutrality by 2045.

Some of the “Sacramento 2040" goals include:

  • A 15% increase in urban tree canopy cover by 2045.
  • A 20% decrease in the number of residents spending >30% of their income on housing.
  • 48,000+ new housing units and 72,000+ new jobs in corridors and centers (these terms refer to heavily-trafficked areas and the densely-populated regions they lead in and out of).

During a recent city council meeting, project staff members highlighted ways the city has already made some strides, including:

  • Allocating $76.8 million for improvements to the Sacramento Valley Station.
  • Investing $49 million across three different projects that expands accessibility for bikers and walkers.
  • Issuing permits for 40 all-electric buildings since January 1.

Officials urged community members to review both proposals from the city and provide feedback before the end of August. An online workshop has been set up for residents to learn more, with optional orientation webinars on Tuesday, June 6, and Thursday, June 29.

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