Mount Rushmore of Sacramento film: The winners

Four enduring legacies


All of these icons have special connections to both Hollywood and Sacramento.

Graphic by 6AM City

Get out your chisels and climbing gear, folks. The results of our Mt. Rushmore of Sacramento Film poll are in, and we’ve carved out the four names that came out on top: Greta Gerwig, Tom Hanks, Sam Elliott, and LeVar Burton.

The results were all pretty close: With 22%, Hanks got the most votes overall, Burton was second at 17%, Gerwig garnered 16% for third place, and Elliott had 12%. Thanks to everyone who voted — you picked four icons with amazing bodies of work and plenty of local cred.

We do think it’s important to point out a mistake we made, however. Molly Ringwald is from Roseville, and we have to believe that including the queen of ‘80s teen movies would have massively shaken up the voting. That’s our bad, folks.

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