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Get your geek on: 5 MOSAC exhibitions to pique your curiosity

The Museum of Science and Curiosity offers 100+ exhibitions and immersive experiences to keep families busy, curious, + entertained.

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interior photo of an audience inside a planetarium

The 40-foot UC Davis Multiverse Theater is equipped with 4K projectors and Dolby Digital surround sound, providing museum-goers a stellar immersive experience.

Photo provided by MOSAC

As an avid reader of SACtoday, we know that you stay curious about the world around you. And luckily, there’s a specific place where you can let your imagination roam free in any direction: Meet MOSAC.

The Museum of Science and Curiosity (MOSAC) is packed with 100+ exhibits and countless hands-on, interactive experiments in the worlds of science, technology, engineering, space, nature, and more.

The best part? MOSAC is for all ages.

We’re already thinking ahead to keeping kids and relatives busy (and out of the kitchen) over the holidays, and we’re pretty sure this place is the answer.

a photo op at a museum

Explore space and science at MOSAC’s space exhibition and planetarium.

Photo provided by MOSAC

If we’ve piqued your curiosity, read on for five exhibitions to explore on your next visit:

  1. UC Davis Multiverse Theater | From your chair in this 40-foot, full-dome theater, you’ll be transported through space and time to explore the night sky, our solar system, our universe, and beyond (trust us; it’s a real “wow” moment).
  2. Nature Detectives | Be on the lookout for buzzing bees: Young learners ages 4-8 will use their senses to interact with live creatures, nature, and wildlife to understand simple methods of scientific inquiry.
  3. Building Sacramento | Tinker with colorful magnetic panels and wood or foam blocks to create our city’s next big architectural masterpiece (like the new I Street Bridge in our own backyard that will soon connect West Sacramento to Downtown).
  4. Design Lab | This makerspace lab gives inventive minds access to 3D printers, laser cutting machines, circuit boards, robotics, and more electronics. (Homemade holiday gifts, anyone?)
  5. Water Challenge | Explore your direct impact on California’s water supply, guide a watershed’s flow, and learn how to make every drop count.

Bonus: MOSAC offers both daily admission and annual memberships (the latter which come with incredible member discounts and opportunities).

Plan your next MOSAC visit.

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