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Summer 2023 weather forecast for Sacramento

Prepare for summer weather in Sacramento with these seasonal temperature and precipitation outlooks.


Perfect weather to watch a sunset in our opinion.

We know the question on your mind, Sacramentans — when’s it going to get unbearably hot?

Thanks to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Climate Prediction Center, we know what temperatures and precipitation trends to expect in our city for June, July, and August. While exact weather conditions typically can’t be predicted more than a week in advance, here’s a seasonal outlook to help you prepare for what summer will bring.

Reminder: The first day of summer is on Wednesday, June 21.


Summer is on the way, weather you like it or not.

Photo via NOAA

🌡️ Temperature

Think hot. This summer, Sacramento has a 33-40% chance of temperatures being higher than normal.

🌨️ Precipitation

Expect about average precipitation. The city has an equal chance of seeing below normal or higher-than-average rainfall amounts this summer.


The average high-temperature is forecasted to rise ~10 degrees from May to June, sitting at 88.7°. However, the wind and sunlight may combine to make it feel closer to ~91°, so be sure to apply sunscreen.


Grab those shades — July has the most amount of sunshine out of any month. The sun usually rises ~5:45 a.m. in July and sets ~8:30 p.m.


Make sure you stay hydrated. August is historically the driest month for Sacramento, recording only 1mm of precipitation on average.

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