Spring 2023 weather forecast for Sacramento, CA

Prepare for spring weather in Sacramento, CA with these seasonal temperature and precipitation outlooks.


Longing for a sunny blue sky like this.

We know the question on your mind, Sacramentans — when’s it going to get warm again?

Thanks to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Climate Prediction Center, we know what temperatures and precipitation trends to expect in our city for March, April, and May.

While exact weather conditions typically can’t be predicted more than a week in advance, here’s a seasonal outlook to help you prepare for what spring will bring.

Reminder: The first day of spring is on Monday, March 20.


The current temperature outlook for this spring.

Screenshot via NOAA

🌡️ Temperature

Think warm. Sac is predicted to experience typical spring temperatures for the area — starting in the 60s and steadily heating up as the season goes on.

🌨️ Precipitation

Expect about average precipitation. The City of Trees is predicted to experience ordinary rainfall amounts for the season — about 2.5 inches over the season.

☀️ Drought

The state’s ongoing drought is expected to remain but improve this season, thanks in part to January’s storms causing reservoir and snow pack levels to rise.

March madness

March is our city’s rainiest month, with ~12 days of rain on average. Daily highs can expected to be around 63° — similar to February. Pro tip: Get an extra hour of daylight when Daily Saving Time begins Sunday, March 12, at 2 a.m.

All about April

Things are heating up as the average daily high increases to 70°. Make sure to pick up some sunscreen too — April’s UV index can range from 3-5 as well, reaching its peak around the middle of the day.

May-ke it your month

Temps continue to rise as our daily high averages around 78° — which we think is perfect hiking weather. The 52° nightly temps and 6 mph wind speeds also make May nights the beginning of our opening-a-window-right-before-bed season (which is really the best way to sleep).

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