An overview of the FixSac5 project

What’s up with that?


CalTrans crews are working day and night on our city’s freeway.

Photo via FixSac5

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🎵 I woke up this morning, and got out of bed
🎵 Got a big ol’ cup of coffee to clear my head
🎵 Drivin’ to work all the way through Sac
🎵 There’s construction on 5, tell me what’s up with that?


Oooh-weee, what’s up with that? What’s up with that?

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Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, today we’ll be discussing the FixSac5 renovation project — much in the same way we recently discussed the also-ongoing Fix50 construction.

What’s the disruption?

With a price tag of $370 million — including $48.3 million from California’s SB 1 — crews with CalTrans are working to repair and renovate 67 miles of Interstate 5 that stretch from the American River Bridge to Elk Grove Boulevard. Some of the improvements will include:

  • Building new carpool lanes
  • Constructing sound walls
  • Repairing drainage and electrical systems
  • Installing fiber optic cables
  • Extending a number of on and off ramps
  • Adding new ramp meters

When will they finish construction?

As the largest construction project for Sacramento’s section of I-5 since 1975, construction began in July 2019, and was expected to finish December 2022. Construction is still ongoing however, and the project’s Twitter account now lists the estimated completion date as June 2024.

Can I get around this junction? Obstruction? Interruption? Oooh-weee—

Okay seriously, residents can text “FixSac5" to 34304 or follow the project’s social media channels to get the latest updates on construction and related road closures.

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