An overview of Sacramento’s Fix 50 project

Sick of traffic, tbh.


Crews are working 24/7 to renovate Highway 50.

Photo via Fix50

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City Editor Jordan here I hate traffic y’all. We’ve all felt like this at some point driving in Sacramento, and it does not get any easier with the seemingly never-ending construction on our freeways.

So I’ve taken it upon myself to take a look the Fix50 project, meant to repair and renovate Highway 50.

One quick note, this is not the same project as FixSac5 —that’s a different bag of peanuts that we can munch on at a later date. However, both projects are being overseen by CalTrans and funded by California’s SB 1.

What’re they even doing?

The scope of the Fix50 project is massive — the largest of its kind in the Sacramento region. At a cost of $433 million, 51 lane miles between I-5 and Watt Avenue will get a full makeover, with upgrades that include:

  • Replacing and reinforcing pavement
  • Building new sound walls
  • Improving connector ramps
  • Widening multiple on-ramps and a dozen bridges
  • Replacing lighting, signage, and railing
  • Adding carpool lanes that run in each direction
  • Upgrading sidewalks
  • Replacing drainage systems
  • Expanding SacRT service between Sunrise Boulevard and Downtown Folsom

What’s the timeline for this sort of thing?

Work officially began in March 2021, and the estimated completion window is December 2024 or early 2025. According to the project’s website, it currently is 35% completed, with crews working nonstop.

What if I need to take Highway 50 now?

Residents can text “Fix50" to 34304 or follow the project’s Twitter account to get the latest updates on construction and related road closures.

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