Where to get breakfast burritos in Sacramento

Time to chow down.


Bury me in a pile of Oscar’s breakfast burritos.

Photo by @eatwithchloe

Looking to start off your morning right? Breakfast burritos are always a good choice, whether it’s a classic trio of eggs, cheese, and potatoes or something a little more daring — they’re one of my favorite ways to start our day.

Here are five local places that have perfected the breakfast burrito form.

Oscar’s Very Mexican Food, 3061 Freeport Blvd.
When it comes to sheer quality of ingredients and consistency of taste, this is the elite breakfast burrito. I don’t need a reality show-style competition to know this is the breakfast burrito I want to eat for the rest of my life — I’ve already been eating them nonstop since I moved to the city proper in 2011.

Adalberto’s, Various locations
This greasy, cheesy, and savory masterpiece is the one true late-night-coming-home-from-the-bar-and-leave-it-half-eaten-on-your-coffee-table breakfast burrito. If you know, you know.

Nopalitos Cafe, 5530 H St.
Make sure to hit the ATM before picking up these burritos from this cash-only East Sac staple. Options like the chile verde breakfast burrito are excellent for those looking to stray from the traditional breakfast burrito presentation.

La Favorita Taqueria, Various locations
These are some thicc boi burritos — I’m talking heavier than a 10-gallon bucket of syrup. Plan accordingly, as these monstrously-dense Mexican dishes may need to be napped off afterwards. Plus, the carnitas and tomatillo breakfast burrito is nothing short of transcendant.

Gordito Burrito, 7810 La Riviera Dr.
What I love about Gordito is the pseudo-tier system available for burrito ordering. It ranges from regular, to super, to the Breakfast Beast (four kinds of meat, three eggs, salsa, cheese, beans, and potatoes).

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