Wolverine once lived in Sacramento, CA

Ain’t that something, bub?


This is pretty much the least-violent page in the whole run.

Photo via Marvel Comics. Story by Mark Millar. Art by Steve McNiven.

City editor + resident nerd Jordan here. 👋

During my nightly comic reading this week, I learned that Weapon X, a nickname given to the comic book superhero Wolverine, once made the City of Trees his home — sort of.

Wolverine is shown to live in Sacramento during the “Old Man Logan” storyline, which takes place across eight issues beginning with Wolverine #66.

The alternate universe story follows Logan ~50 years after most of the world’s heroes have died, when he agrees to deliver a mysterious package with a blind Hawkeye so he can pay his overdue rent to Hulk’s grandchildren. No, I didn’t make any of that up — comics are weird, y’all.

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