Sensational cookie spots in Sacramento

Okay, but why do you cook bacon and bake cookies?

Cookies from Ginger Elizabeth in Sacramento.

We got so hungry writing this that we had to get our own cookies from Ginger Elizabeth.

Photo by SACtoday Staff

It’s Wednesday. It’s already felt like a long week, and you work hard. We here at SACtoday think that’s worthy of celebration, and vehemently believe you deserve a cookie.

Let’s be real, that phrase usually comes off fairly patronizing — but cookies are delicious and are a wonderfully simple way to treat yourself. Finding the perfect cookie can be an entirely different adventure though, and that’s where we come in.

Check out five cookie spots we think are pretty sweet:

🍪 Cookies and Milk, 1201 F St.
Available online for delivery or pick-up, this cookie spot features a rotating special cookie on its Instagram page every weekend — like red velvet or s’mores.

🍪 Freeport Bakery, 2966 Freeport Blvd.
Sacramentans have been enjoying cookies from Freeport Bakery since 1987 — after trying the decadent raspberry thumbprint cookies, it’s no mystery why.

🍪 Estelle Bakery and Patisserie, 2530 Arden Way
Macarons are cookies too (they’re just fancy Oreos, don’t @ me), and Estelle’s Macaron Rosé is the queen of them all, both in exceptionally light-yet-fresh taste and presentation.

🍪 Ginger Elizabeth Chocolate Shop, 1801 L St.
Ginger Elizabeth’s chocolate chip cookies are so simple and so good, you’ll have an existential crisis wondering where they’ve been all your life (you can also take a class to learn her recipe).

🍪 Ettore’s Bakery and Cafe, 2376 Fair Oaks Blvd.
Biscotti are just socially acceptable breakfast cookies — and we’re here for it. Ettore’s makes a fabulous version to pair with its coffee, and you can get them plain or dipped in chocolate.

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