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The sun sets behind the Tower Bridge in Downtown Sacramento, with glass buildings rising into the sky on the left and right sides of the image

Whether you call it the Farm-to-Fork Capital or the City of Trees, it’s just another way of saying “home.” | Photo by @viewsacramento

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Good job, dedicated Sacramento citizen. If you’re reading this, it means you’re already one of the most informed + connected River City residents (or at least you’re about to be).

We are SACtoday — your new go-to for navigating all things Sacramento. Whether you’re walking the dog, still in bed, sitting in the carpool lane, or sipping your morning coffee — your life as a smart, engaged Sacramentan just got a little bit easier.

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We’ll share what you need to know in Sacramento + in the metro area each day — from ranking the best dishes at a new restaurant to breaking down affordable housing — so you can wake up, read one (free) email, learn something new and move forward with your day. We call that a win.

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Because we just can’t contain our excitement for the goings-on in the City of Trees, here’s a small sample of what we’ve published recently:

Additionally, we’ve discussed the Calaveras Frog Jumping Jubilee, where to go paddleboarding in the area, Sac’s local record store scene, and key takeaways from the Sac Kings’ big trade earlier this season.

Who are we? ➡️

SACtoday is the 23rd city that 6AM City (our parent company) is helping make smarter + more informed. We also exist in San Jose (SJCtoday), Portland (PDXtoday), San Diego (SDtoday), Seattle (SEAtoday) + more. We’re written for locals by locals — who you will get to know in the coming weeks.

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