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Try This: A night out at Punch Line Sacramento

Laugh along with us.

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Stand-up comedian Anthony Jeselnik is known for his darkly hilarious observations.

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An excited crowd gathered nearly an hour before the headliner was set to perform.

Photo by tje SACtoday team

City Editor Jordan here — and let me tell you, starting this year off with a bunch of back-to-back rainstorms has really kept me in a down mood. Thankfully, I was recently lucky enough to check out Punch Line Sacramento for a night of laughs featuring a plethora of comedians including Anthony Jeselnik — and had such a fantastic time that I’ve already snagged tickets for my next outing.

What we tried:

There’s a two-drink minimum at all Punch Line shows (with nonalcoholic options available), so I started with a tantalizing Frozen Blood Orange Margarita, followed by a refreshingly crisp Strawberry Ginger Lemonade.

The menu offers food as well — and what’s a margarita without Punch Line Nachos? (I grabbed the pulled pork variety.) Snacking on a Pepperoni Flatbread also served as a tasty treat during the headlining performance — when we weren’t choking from laughter, that is.


Local comedians strut their stuff in The Callback Bar.

Photo by the SACtoday team

What not to miss:

The Callback Bar. Located inside Punch Line in a smaller, more intimate space, The Callback Bar offers local comedians the chance to hone their talent at open mics, plus has killer happy hour specials, and gives guests the ability to get prime seating for the main room show.

Bonus: All Punch Line parking is free.


Spot any familiar faces?

Photo by the SACtoday team

What we’re still talking about:

The caliber of talent — although that should be no surprise. Having been around for 30+ years, Punch Line has played host to some of stand-up’s heaviest hitters, including Chris Rock, Gabriel Iglesias, and Anjelah Johnson — portraits of whom grace the club’s walls.

How you can experience this:

Head over to their website to check out the list of upcoming performances and snag tickets for yourself.

Things to know if you go:

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