Drinks, drag, and a book fair in Sacramento

We went to a 21+ book fair in Sacramento, and it was exactly what we needed.

A drag queen dressed in a sexy Santa costume performs in front of people inside a bookstore.

Drag queen Dolly Romano Maxx Diamond performed to holiday song remixes.

Photo by SACtoday staff

Over the weekend we attended what might now be our new favorite holiday event: the Boozy Book Fair at A Seat at the Table.

Why, you ask? Let us set the scene for you.

Queens Cloe Gold Diamond + Dolly Romano Maxx Diamond brought the energy with performances to holiday song remixes, Elsa drag, and an audience twerk-off.

Three book fair catalogs are scattered on a table, with a sharpie and beverages.

Book lovers read through catalogs and prepare their pockets for the upcoming drag performance.

Photo by SACtoday staff

Other perks included a scavenger hunt, holiday sangrias, raffle prizes, an ugly sweater contest, and book fair catalogs.

And at the end of the night, the queer-owned bookstore announced its new nonprofit, A Seat at the Table Initiative, whose mission is to improve literacy + community development in Elk Grove and surrounding areas.

One for the books, right? If live music, books, themed menus, and local vendors are your thing — don’t miss the shop’s next First Friday event on Jan. 5, 2024.

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