Sacramentans travel 5.3 million miles by scooter, bicycle

But how many of those riders can pop a sick wheelie?

Screenshot of Ride Report's Micromobility Dashboard

The darker the line, the more heavily-traveled that street is.

Screenshot via Ride Report

A new tool from Ride Report is giving insight into how our residents are using shared bikes and scooters to wheel about the city.

The Micromobility Dashboard — which shows trip data from the Sacramento and West Sacramento programs dating back to 2019 — reveals that community members have traveled over 5.3 million miles by bike and scooter across more than 3.5 million rides (that’s an average of 1.5 miles per trip). Officials say the number of rides for each street segment in both cities can be used to help inform infrastructure and policy decisions.

Looking to get around town without a car? We’ve got you covered.

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