Gift Guide: Our Editors’ picks for the 2023 holiday season

See what Editors Madeline and Jordan are shopping this year.

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Here’s what your local news team wants to unwrap this year.

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Happy December. We thought we’d ring in the most festive month of the year appropriately — with holiday gift guides featuring our editors’ top present picks.

Scroll to shop, get inspired, and maybe even snag a locally made gift or two, courtesy of Madeline’s and Jordan’s exquisite taste.

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Sacramento Skyline Cocktail Glasses, $39.99 | “These would make a great gift for anyone looking to equip their bar cart with a local staple. The etched design is dishwasher safe, so clean up is easy!”

Mini Dough Bowl Candle, $26.95 | “Nothing says fall or winter quite like a candle. I love the tobacco scent — earthy, cozy, and perfect for a rainy day inside.”

SACtoday Embroidered Sweatshirt, $64 | “Is there anything better than a comfy sweatshirt as the chill sets in? I personally like the royal blue — simple enough to go with a lot, but still presents an interesting pop of color. And reppin’ Sac Town, of course.”

Down Alternative Duvet, $28.99 | “Cozy and cruelty-free? Sign me up! This duvet doesn’t use down feathers, but maintains that light, fluffy, luxurious feel that we all know and love about duvets. Comes in plenty of colors of microfiber fabric, but I personally like to pair this with a duvet cover (makes the laundry loads much easier). Just in time for the cooler winter months (brrr).”

Wooden Incense Holder, $29.70 | “As a serial incense burner, I normally make a mess with all the sticks I burn through per day (ashes everywhere). I love this incense holder design because it’s minimal, aesthetic, and functional. Also, why is it so satisfying to see the ashes create a neat little pile at the bottom?”

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Sacramento T-Shirt, $38 | “70s vibes come to life with this T-shirt that’s old school cool.”

Sacramento Capitol Critters T-Shirt, $35 | “Rep your local wildlife with this shirt that shows love for all the furry friends outside the State Capitol Building.”

SACtoday Glasses, $39.99 | “Nothing like a glass of whiskey and the latest issue of SACtoday to unwind after a long day.”

Meta Quest 3, $499 | “Step into the future with the latest in VR technology.”

Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker, $199.99 | “Spend less time cooking and more time together with the ultimate kitchen appliance.”

Sacramento Monopoly, $44.99 | “Ruin all your relationships at your favorite local landmarks with this twist on the classic board game.”

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Think we’d let the fun stop there? Shop even more editors’ picks, featuring the gifts our National Content team has their eyes on this month.

Brianna: “I’ve recently ditched the purse for a fanny pack to go totally hands-free while walking around town, which is why I’m eyeing these colorful fanny packs from Burlaep. (Pair it with this cute embroidered baseball cap and you’ve got a perfect city ‘fit.)”

Dayten: “We just moved, and I still have to build my reading nook: Methodical’s Ethiopian blend (which I’ve tried, and loved) and some elegant, renter-friendly decor.”

Emily: “I love waking up with a warm cup of chai tea in the morning — especially when it’s in a cute squirrel mug.”

Jessa: “Everyone loves a big fancy candle. Plus, get some decorative matches to... match.”

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