Raley’s O-N-E Market coming to Roseville, CA

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What’s the first Sac memory that comes to mind when you see a Raley’s sign? | Photo by SACtoday Staff

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A new 35,000-sq ft Raley’s is making its way to the Plaza at Blue Oak at Blue Oaks Boulevard + Fiddyment Road in Roseville this summer. But this is no ordinary Raley’s… this is a Raley’s O-N-E Market. 🛒

What’s different about this O-N-E?

It’s all in the name — O-N-E stands for organic nutrition education,and prioritizes ingredient transparency, minimally processed foods + a focus on sugar awareness. Overall, you’ll find more health-conscious, organic products here than at its other locations. The shop will even post a list of “unnecessaryingredients that you won’t find on the shelves.

Want the OG Raley’s experience? Don’t fret: There will be a lot of familiar favorites still available alongside new products.

The Raley-menities

The space is multifunctional, providing opportunities to shop with a nutritionist, sit down at the beer + wine bar or at the café, and rent rooms for meetings right on the premises.

When will it be open for business?

The company expects to welcome guests by the end of June, but supply chain shortages with HVAC and refrigeration have impacted the opening timeline of the store.

Will there be a shop program?

Raley’s Something Extra Health free program will include:

  • Group + one-on-one nutrition coaching with a Nutrition Advisor.
  • In-person and virtual nutrition education on wellness topics.
  • In-person and virtual wellness store tours that match your lifestyle.
  • Access to up-to-date nutrition news, supplements, and medication interaction information.
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