The Rain in Sacramento, CA Starter Pack

The accuracy is not to be mist.

A "starter pack" meme for Sacramentans in the rain.

Tag yourself. I’m the guy who just washed his car.

Photo via Reddit

Following up on all the amazing heat wave memes Sacramentans made earlier this month, I am loving this “starter pack” about how we handle the rain. Let’s break it down clockwise starting in the top-left corner:

  • That driver who doesn’t realize they should have their headlights on during the day
  • The sucker who always washes their car right before it rains
  • The person constantly reminding us we’re in a drought (we know)
  • Your friend who thinks they can still go 50 mph down Watt Avenue (they can’t)
  • And, of course, the obligatory Reddit post complaining about how people can’t drive in the rain

Never change, Sacramento.

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