Nicknames for Sacramento

Since the River City’s inception in 1854, its had many names. Take a look at the memorable nicknames for Sacramento, California.


The iconic water tower was repainted in 2017.

Photo by Vibrant Visuals Media

Since Sacramento’s inception in 1854, the city has had many names. Some are more memorable than others, like the oft-missed City of Trees moniker that paid homage to our urban forest — one that has been called the densest in the nation.

Each nickname tells a certain story about our home, like the unpopular Camellia City that references our status as the “Camellia City of the World.” That being said, not all of them ring true for locals.

Here are our favorite nicknames for the city we call home:

There are also a few names others have given us. You usually won’t catch a local referring to our city this way, but they are nonetheless part of our history.

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