Netflix’s “The Midnight Club” has a connection to Sacramento, CA

Spooky stories starring Sacramento

A still frame from Netflix's "The Midnight Club"

Creepy old book in the dark? That’s a no from me, dog.

Photo via IMDB

City editor Jordan here 👋 — imagine my surprise when I turned on Netflix’s latest horror-thriller offering, “The Midnight Club,” only to be immediately greeted by a title that read “Sacramento, 1994.”

The series (without spoiling anything) follows a group of terminally-ill teens who meet up every night to tell each other scary stories, including Ilonka, who hails from Sacramento. Created by Netflix’s resident horror expert, Mike Flanagan (“Haunting of Hill House”, “Midnight Mass”) the show brings us the latest silver screen adaptation of our city, joining the ranks of “Even Stevens” and “The Mentalist.”

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