Metro EDGE launches program to empower young leaders in Sacramento, CA

Called EDGE BoardLink, the program holds space for young, local business leaders to serve as board members at Sacramento organizations.

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What new ideas might be on the horizon for the Capital Region thanks to our up-and-coming leaders?

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Enter all young entrepreneurs: Metro EDGE has launched a new program that saves space for leaders 40-and-under to serve as board members for organizations in the Sacramento region.

Dubbed the EDGE BoardLink program, it is intended to both facilitate the professional growth for the River City’s next generation of leaders while also expanding and diversifying our region’s boards. Here’s what you need to know.

For starters, what is Metro EDGE?

Metro EDGE was founded in 2009 as a program overseen by the Sacramento Chamber Foundation. Since then, it has represented more than 600 up-and-coming young professionals from the Capital Region, becoming one of California’s largest programs of its kind. Members pay annual dues, and get access to networking events and career advancement opportunities throughout the city. It’s name is an acronym for Engage, Develop, Give, and Empower.

Who can apply to the program?

If you are 40 years old and younger, you can apply to the EDGE BoardLink program as that is a fundamental requirement to access any Metro EDGE service. Additionally, you will also have to:

  • be a current Metro EDGE memberconsider joining.
  • be able to commit to board’s full term obligations, which may be as long as 2.5 years
  • be willing to commit to annual check-ins with Metro EDGE leadership.
  • be willing to prepare one content piece within your first year.

If you meet all those requirements and are interested, start filling out the application.

Which organizations are participating?

Currently, there are six open board member positions at local business and nonprofits that have partnered for the BoardLink program.

Not seeing the opening you wanted? Sign up for the program’s wait-list.

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