Madden NFL 23 gives Sacramento horrible uniforms

These are a no from me.


There were three uniform options, and the other two weren’t any better.

Photo by SACtoday Staff.

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City Editor Jordan here. Two things I love are video games and football. So, of course I play Madden NFL 23 to satisfy my fantasy of being a football superstar — even though I weigh 150 lbs soaking wet in real life.

The game’s “Franchise Mode” allows you to become an owner and relocate your team to a new city. Since Sacramento was one of the destinations, I knew that was my goal.

But you can imagine my disappointment when such garish uniforms popped up on my TV.

You might also notice what I named the team and think, “There are no redwoods in Sacramento, Jordan,” and you would be right. However, my other options were the Condors, which made little sense considering I’ve never seen a condor in Sac, or the Miners, which just felt like a pale imitation of the 49ers.

None of these options feel Sacramento enough to me, so I want to knowwhat would you name Sacramento’s NFL franchise, and what would the team colors be?

Reader suggestions

  • “Sacramento Senators: red, white, and blue. Sacramento Outlaws: black and yellow. Sacramento Foresters: deep green and brown (my husband’s idea).”
  • “Sacramento Pioneers & colors should be green & gold. Green for all the trees we have & gold because it was discovered in this area.”
  • “Name: The Sacramento Capitols. Uniform colors: Navy Blue & Gold.”
  • “Would it be weird to call the team something like the Sacramento Rivers? Since we are at the confluence of the American and Sacramento? Colors would be blue and dark grey to represent the rivers. Either that or the Sacramento Bees and the colors would be yellow and black, need to make sure it isn’t gold and black or the Saints would be offended.”
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