Life hacks for Sacramento, CA

Making your life a little easier.


Remember when every movie had a hacker back in the early 2000s? Good times.

Photo by @midtownmaddy

Sacramento is a pretty great city, but that doesn’t mean it’s always sunshine and rainbows. Thankfully, there are not one, but two helpful Reddit threads full of tips and tricks to make life in the River City easier.

Here are five of our favorites:

  • “Buy a whole house fan.” — u/nmpls
  • “Green street signs mean you are in the city of Sac. White signs mean you are in the (unincorpated) [sic] county.” — u/jonny-spot
  • “On a hot day, go swimming in Putah Creek below the damn [sic]. The water comes out of the bottom of the lake, and it’s clear and cold when the other bodies of water are getting sludgy and warm.” — u/dustyrags
  • “Hose down bushes/trees/plants before pruning to avoid the Sacramento pollen attack.” — u/who_body
  • “If you are in an alley, on the grid, the starting letter of that alley is the street directly north.” — u/RippleMeTimbers55

Got a Sac Hack you want to share? Let us know.

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