The preservation of Elk Grove, CA

Understand how Elk Grove has preserved its past since joining Sacramento County in 2000.

Elk Grove House Stage Shop in Elk Grove, California.png

Replica of the brick stage stop and hotel that was built by James & Sarah Hall in 1850.

Photo by @ashannon95

For those who recently learned that West Sacramento is its own city in an entirely different county, we’re back with some more local history — how Elk Grove has preserved its rich history since becoming a part of Sacramento County.

Elk Grove was incorporated into the county in July 2000, 132 years after the first railroads were constructed on the city’s land. This added ~75,000 county residents, making it the second largest city in Sacramento County. It was also the first city in California to incorporate during the 21st century.

All these adjustments began drawing in a lot of national attention, leading Elk Grove to see its turn-of-the-century boom. According to the US Census Bureau, Elk Grove was the fastest-growing city in the US from July 2004-2005. This growth also brought about the desire to preserve Old Town’s original history. So in November 2005, local authorities dedicated $6 million for the restoration, revitalization, and preservation of Old Town Elk Grove.

Now, the Elk Grove Historic District is home to 48 buildings of historic significance, with Bob’s Club being the oldest commercial building and the only one to survive the Fire of 1892.

If you’re looking to learn more from locals, head to the Elk Grove Historical Society (9941 East Stockton Blvd.) to dive into the city’s past with its preservationists.

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