Halloween costumes inspired by Sacramento

Dress as the city’s iconic heroes... and villains

Saoirse Ronan and Beanie Feldstein in Lady Bird

It’s really the pink cast that ties the outfit together.

Photo via IMDB

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Picking out a Halloween costume can be a frightful affair. It’s not always easy to find something that’s cute, fun, topical, and immediately recognizable — especially as the holiday creeps closer.

That’s why we’re highlighting outfits inspired by our city for you to choose from.

Lady Bird 🐦

You could be like everyone else and go as Barbie this year... or you could throw it back to the original Sacramento lady.

Dressing as the titular character of Greta Gerwig’s River City love letter is a pretty easy costume, but embodying the spirit of Lady Bird might be a bit more difficult (just do your best to talk about how much you hate Sacramento until the end of the night when you realize it’s everything you’ve ever wanted).

What you need: Shirt | Sweater vest | Skirt | Pink wrist cast

Taylor Lautner in the bus stop ad 🚌

This may be a deep cut, but the real ones know. In case you missed it, a mysteriously outdated ad for Taylor Lautner’s 2011 action film, “Abducted” graced the bench of the bus stop at University/65th until 2022.

Pro tip: This could make a great couple’s costume. One of you goes as Lautner + the other as a SacRT bus.

What you need: Black t-shirt with yellow collar | Skinny jeans | Squirt gun | Black wig | SacRT pass

Kenny the Dancing Man 🕺

Any Sacramentan who’s been to a public event over the years is bound to have seen Kenny the Dancing Man. The legendary local can often be found showing off his sweet moves nearly anywhere music can be heard across the city, so be sure to bring your best dance moves if you pick this costume.

What you need: Body builder tank top | Skinny jeans | Dancing shoes

NBA referee 🏀

Easily the most villainous choice on this list, Sacramentans have a long, angry relationship with NBA refs that dates back to at least Game Six of the infamous 2002 Western Conference Finals, which has been called one of the most poorly-officiated games in NBA history and one that Kings faithful will never forget.

What you need: Striped shirt | Whistle | Big pile of money NBA fans think you bet on the Lakers to win

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