Resources from the Sacramento Public Library

Learn a new language, check out park passes, rent tools, and more.

"City Library" is etched into stone above the door of a a building

The Sacramento Public Library offers numerous community services across its 28 branches.

Photo via the City of Sacramento

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When we say public libraries are magic, we’re not just speaking to bookworms.

Outside of the endless shelves of printed knowledge, fantastical escapes, and harrowing journeys, the Sacramento Public Library has amassed a huge catalog of other offerings.

Here are some of the coolest resources available at the library for card holders — and some for those without one. Pro tip: Library cards are free.

Make an appointment

The people at the library aren’t just there to help you find books. Try out:

Digital treats

Enjoy these bounties from home:

Take it home

Books aren’t the only thing you can check out. You can also reserve:

Getting down to business

Professionally minded individuals can benefit from:

No card needed

Little bit of a procrastinator? Here’s what you can enjoy without a library card:

Want more? The library has a list of even more resources on its news page.

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