Get a taste of Sacramento as a flavor of ice cream

Here are the ice cream flavors that you said best describe our city.

A man holds two ice cream cones — each with a double scoop — in front of a lit-up building at night.

Maybe Gunther’s Ice Cream will make one of your Sac-themed ice creams a reality. | Photo via @sacboyeats

Recently, we asked you to come up with a unique ice cream flavor that describes Sacramento and utilizes one to three locally sourced ingredients. After reading all of your responses, it’s safe to say that our mouths are watering. Here were two of our favorites:

Vanilla bean ice cream mixed with blackberries found along the Sacramento River Parkway (to create the color purple for the Kings) and ribbons of dark chocolate representing the rivers that snake through the city. Called “Ribbons of Royalty.” - CH

An ice cream base made with a seasonally rotating fresh fruit from the farmer’s market and mixed with Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates’ fleur de sel caramel sauce, Blue Diamond toasted almonds, and Carmazzi Caramel Corn. Called “Farm-to-spoon.” - Rosie H.

The only thing we need now is a local ice cream shop to make one of these flavors a reality. Gunther’s Ice Cream and Vic’s Ice Creamwe’re looking at you.

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