Fly nonstop to our sister cities

We’re local everywhere.

Sculpture of a red rabbit titled "Leap" by Lawrence Argent in Sacramento International Airport's Terminal B

The obligatory sculpture photo to let everyone know you’ve landed in Sac.

Photo by SACtoday Staff

As each day gets a little bit warmer, we get a little bit antsier to take a vacation. Luckily for us, Sacramento International Airport offers 40+ nonstop destinations from its terminals. However, it can be more than a little stressful finding out everything a new city has to experience.

Enter our friends — our fellow newsletter-writing, food-loving, good-time-having colleagues who have all the details you need to get the most from your trip across the country. Here are seven of SACtoday’s sister cities you can travel to directly out of SMF:

If you’re down for a layover, there are even more great cities where you can find our pals as well — and be sure to check out our complete guide to SMF.

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