Sacramento will become home of the country’s largest electric charging station

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Sacramento will soon be home to the largest electric vehicle (EV) charging station in the country. The Sacramento County WattEV Innovative Freight Terminal, or SWIFT, is set to be developed at 5024 Bayou Way — along I-5 and south of the Sacramento International Airport.

Long Beach-based WattEV, which is leading the project, is currently aiming to build 30 DC fast charging stations for passenger vehicles, 90 stations for medium and heavy-duty vehicles, and 18 megawatt stations for pass-through charging on heavy-duty vehicles. The chargers at the 118-acre complex will be powered by a series of solar panels and supplemented by SMUD’s electric grid.

With a $62 million project price tag, WattEV obtained $34 million in grants through the Department of Transportation’s Trade Corridor Enhancement Program, while Sacramento County provided the remaining $28 million.

Construction is expected to begin in June 2024, with estimated completion by December 2025.

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