See the winner of our 2023 Picture of the Year contest

You cast your vote on your favorite 2023 photos submitted by readers, and here are the results.

 A collage of all eight striking photos that were finalists in SACtoday's Picture of the Year contest.

We love to see Sacramento’s candid beauty.

Collage of photos submitted by SACtoday readers

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The votes are in for the SACtoday 2023 Picture of the Year contest. Check out the finalists below, including the winner that you — our readers — voted for.


City of Trees

Photo by Reader Jose C.

Winner: “City of Trees” by Jose C.

“City of Trees” won by a landslide, garnering almost two-thirds of all submitted votes. Congratulations, Jose.


Sunset Over Bella Vista

Photo by Stephen E.

Runner-up: “Sunset Over Bella Vista” by Stephen E.

This Friday night lights beauty ranked No. 2 in reader votes with its dramatic lighting and distant views.


Light the Beam

Photo by Reader Karlee S.

Most team spirit: “Light the Beam” by Karlee S.

This brilliantly framed pic captures Sacramento’s latest catchphrase with the iconic Beam — and it tied for third place.


Theater of Lights

Photo by Andres G.

Most holiday spirit: “Theater of Lights” by Andres G.

Rarely does a photo do justice for one of Sac’s favorite holiday traditions, but Andres really nailed this one — and it tied for third, too.


Sacramento at Night

Photo by Reader Karam A.

Best in night life: “Sacramento at Night” by Karam A.

It’s difficult not to appreciate the beautiful downtown lights when you see them like this.


Sunset in East Sac

Photo by Reader ST

Coziest vibe: “Sunset in East Sac” by ST

This photo reminds us of the everyday beauty that can be found in our own neighborhoods.


Old Sac Town Crier

Photo by Reader Christine R.

Best framing: “Old Sac Town Crier” by Christine R.

We love the colors of the train complimented by the bird’s black and white plumage.


On 8th and L

Photo by Reader Michelle Z.

Best use of color: “On Eighth and L” by Michelle Z.

Few things are more Sacramento than a beautiful building downtown and an Anh Phoong ad.

Once again, congratulations to Jose — we hope you enjoy your $25 gift card for our online marketplace, Six & Main (and the feeling of pride and joy after getting first place, of course).

And thank you for your participation + beautiful entries, SACtoday readers. Keep ‘em coming.

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