Answered: What local Sacramento business would you like to see make a comeback?

We asked, you delivered.


Russell Solomon first started selling records out of his father’s store next to the Tower Theatre before going on to found Tower Records.

Last week, we asked you which local business you’d like to see make a comeback in Sacramento. With 250+ responses across our newsletter and Instagram, it’s clear denizens of the City of Trees love their small businesses.

Here are some of our favorite answers we received:

“Biba’s, it was always such a treat to eat the spinach lasagna.” — Sharon L.

“Tower Records, it was such a great place to go, browse, and buy music. I miss having a place to explore racks of music.” — Dan P.

“Luau Garden, our family spot. Best food, great atmosphere, friendly staff, great location. Buffet style.” — Shonica M.

“Hot City Pizza, great pie and beer selection” — Tara P.

“Luis’ - because it was classic and yummy.” — Sara C.

“The Yoga Seed Collective. It was a worker owned yoga studio and the only affordable space in town. They had classes that were open to everyone and classes that were specific to groups like LGBTQ, BIPOC, & people with disabilities. It was the best 🥹🥺" — @elainesvibe

“Tamaya on 22nd and J… Their spicy secret sauce!!” — @midtownmaddy

“Hot Italian is dearly missed.” — @thepinktake

“The Rave, Cattle Club, Camelot, California Skate.” — @cupkate_001

“Muntean’s on J. Because where do I even get soup now?” — @kosmickrab_

“Burger Inn on K Street, and The Bread Store on J Street.” — @ashleykissiah

“Pressed Coffee + Records was such a great space with a friendly staff, good food, coffee, and stellar record collection. Never seen a place like it. It will be missed!” — @davidrwinston22

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