UC Davis launches center for alternative meats

The new center aims to advance the accessibility and sustainability of alternative meats + plant-based protein sources.

A tray of seasoned fries with a chicken burger + a mixed shake.

Many restaurants, like Burger Patch, offer a variety of plant-based foods + meat alternatives.

Photo by SACtoday staff

On Thursday, Jan. 17, UC Davis launches its new Integrative Center for Alternative Meat and Protein (iCAMP) with an Innovation Day at the Robert Mondavi Institute for Wine and Food Science.

The center’s focus is to roll out the advancement of alternative protein sources, like lab-grown meat and plant-based foods on a larger scale.

One of the main obstacles for alternative meat options mentioned by UC Davis is the cost of manufacturing — which is currently more expensive than conventional meat. By investing in + exploring ways to increase the volume of production (without sacrificing quality), iCAMP seeks to minimize the disparity in expense.

iCAMP Director David Block predicts a 50-100% increase in global demand for meat within the next 25 years, and hopes that the new program can advance alternative meats while also curbing the environmental impacts associated with the meat industry.

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