The state of Sacramento’s nightlife economy

A new city report details how and where Sacramentans gather after hours.


From concerts to late night food — Sacramento’s nightlife has you covered

Photo by SACtoday staff

Study Takeaways

Sacramento’s Office of Nighttime Economy has released a new report detailing the city’s nightlife, entertainment + how and where its residents get together to have fun.

While the city has a bustling nightlife scene, officials — in partnership with the nonprofit Responsible Hospitality Institute — took an in-depth look across 26 meetings with ~100 people at some of the challenges Sacramento currently faces, as well as how they can be addressed.

Some of the study’s key takeaways include:

The good

  • Lavender Heights is a showcase of pride in place + displays the diversity of the city.
  • Sacramento has a plethora of high-quality entertainment, restaurants, and venues for residents to socialize.

The bad

  • Venues in suburban areas like Folsom and Roseville can be perceived as safer due to better lit areas + fewer vacant buildings.
  • There is difficulty in finding performance spaces for some acts, due in part to misunderstandings from both law enforcement and event space owners.

The (potential) solution

  • Create a ride share hub in Midtown to facilitate safe transportation home for residents, as well as reduce traffic.
  • Incentivizing local businesses to get involved in events.
  • Establish an advisory organization for venue operators for more consistency.

City officials plan to assemble a leadership summit and review the recommendations made by the study.

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