Dog park pilot program launches in Sacramento

The program looks to evaluate areas for potential off-leash dog parks.

A small dog, who appears confident, looks out over a pond

Your furry friend may soon have a new place to play.

This week, Sacramento City Council approved a pilot program that will explore the possibility of adding a permanent off-leash dog park to either Land Park or Curtis Park.

A temporary dog park was installed at Sierra 2 Park in December 2022, where the city’s Department of Youth, Parks, & Community Enrichment received feedback + measured its impact on the surrounding neighborhood. While the Sierra 2 Park (2471 Fourth Ave.) was eventually dubbed to be too small, city leaders decided to create the program based on the feedback they received.

No location for the pilot program has been chosen yet, but if you’re itching to take your furry friend out now, you can use our guide to local dog parks.

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