Snuggle + feed adoptable bunnies in Sacramento

These bunnies need a furr-ever home, and Only Sunshine Sanctuary is up for the job.

A brown and white bunny pushes its nose close to the camera.

Only Sunshine Sanctuary looks for foster and adoptive families for their bunnies.

Photo by SACtoday staff

We’ve got it bad for these furry friends — or maybe this is just the bunny-moon phase.

Every first Sunday of the month, Pet Food Express in Land Park hosts adoptable bunnies. We couldn’t resist meeting these cuties, and we wound up learning a lot in the process.

Despite their little size, bunnies can be a big responsibility. So before you adopt or foster, consider these rabbit-care rules from Only Sunshine Sanctuary:

  • Soft flooring — Bunnies should be free range, or have at least 16 sqft of space to roam.
  • Balanced diet — Grass hays, quality pellets + fresh greens are recommended.
  • Litter care — Stick some hay in or next to a litter box + fill it with paper or pellets.
  • Play — Provide them plenty of hiding spaces + find ways to hide their snacks to enrich meal time.

Interested in adopting or supporting other adoptable animals? We have just the list for you, complete with shelter info + donation wish lists.

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