20+ places to try boba tea in Sacramento, California

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Boba teaaka bubble tea or pearl milk tea — is a Taiwanese dessert drink that has become a total sensation in the US, especially California. In fact, Sacramento is home to dozens + dozens of boba tea shops alone.

Before you head out to try one for the first time (or get your third of the day), here’s a crash course on all things boba:

🗣️ Tell me about the name? Although “boba” refers to the chewy tapioca pearls in the drink, “boba tea” has become a catch-all term for many Taiwanese dessert drinks — from brown sugar boba milk tea to mango fruit tea with rainbow jelly.

👀 What can you expect to find at a boba tea shop? It varies. Most shops offer similar categories — milk-based teas, fruit-based teas + blended tea drinks — but you’ll also likely find a variety of toppings. Don’t be overwhelmed, here’s a guide to some of the most common.

Alright, ready to dig in? Here are 20+ spots in Sacramento for you to get your boba fix.

🧋 Lazi Cow, 1582 Howe Ave.

  • Build-your-own boba + Asian snacks and appetizers
  • Try this: Joe Marma milk tea

🧋 Pearls Boba, 2264 Fair Oaks Blvd.

  • Small café serving shaved ice + boba tea
  • Try this: Lil’ Razzcal smoothie topped with mango popping boba

🧋 Happy Lemon, 6914 65th St. + 3660 Crocker Dr.

  • Large menu featuring boba tea, yakult, fruit tea + more
  • Try this: Mango lemon slushy with mango boba

🧋 Bober Tea & Coffee, Multiple locations + more coming soon

  • Mochi Dough donuts available at selection locations
  • Try this: Chizu taro latte with house-made cheese cream

🧋 Gong Cha, 6825 Stockton Blvd.

  • Part of the international franchise founded in Taiwan in 2006
  • Try this: Ice cream black tea

🧋 RareTea, 414 K St. + 2550 W. El Camino Ave

  • High-quality tea + innovative brewing techniques
  • Try this: Caramelized brown sugar boba with fresh milk

🧋 Snowbee Tea Station, 6905 Stockton Blvd.

  • Expansive menu featuring boba tea, slushies + smoothies, snacks, hot pots + noodles
  • Try this: Passionfruit smoothie with rainbow jelly + chocolate fantasy honey toast

🧋 Ding Tea, 7311 W. Stockton Blvd.

  • Milk tea, fruit tea, yakult, cheese cream + blended drinks
  • Try this: Honey milk tea with coffee jelly + crystal boba

🧋 One Milk Tea, 4443 Auburn Blvd

  • Dynamic tea shop that ultizilies premium teas + ingredients
  • Try this: Panda milk tea with sea salt crema + takoyaki on the side

🧋 T4. Tea For U, 2212 16th St.

  • Boba tea, crepes, snacks + rice bowls
  • Try this: Taro milk tea with pearl boba to drink + honey chicken wings to eat

🧋 Quickly, 2100 16th St.

  • Boba tea + Asian desserts and snacks
  • Try this: Cantaloupe milk tea

🧋 Boba Loca, 1689 Arden Way

  • Boba tea, slushies and smoothies, iced teas, frappes + snacks
  • Try this: Dragon fruit slush with boba

🧋 Bambu Desserts and Drinks, 6901 Stockton Blvd.

  • Specializes in Vietnamese iced coffee, Chè + dessert drinks
  • Try this: Coconut milk tea with boba

🧋 Tea 18, 3880 Truxel Rd.

  • Classic boba tea flavors, blended drinks + premium cheese foam
  • Try this: Wintermelon with fresh milk

🧋 Tastea Fresh Smoothies & Teas, 7235 Franklin Blvd.

  • All apps + drinks can be made with stevia instead of sugar
  • Try this: Matcha milk tea with coconut jelly added on

🧋 Lollicup Tea Zone, 6830 Stockton Blvd.

  • Taiwanese dessert drinks + snacks
  • Try this: Jasmine milk tea with mini boba

🧋 i-Tea, 6461 Stockton Blvd.

  • Boba tea drinks + Asian dishes and snacks
  • Try this: Tiramisu milk tea + basil popcorn chicken

🧋 Aimée’s Boba Café, 7238 Franklin Blvd.

  • Specialty drinks + snacks
  • Try this: Kiwi tea with lychee jelly

🧋 T% Coffee + Tea, 8325 Elk Grove Florin Rd.

  • Teas made with organic dairy + fresh ingredients; non-dairy milk also available
  • Try this: Original panna cotta with boba

🧋 Tea Bay, 7680 La Riviera Dr.

  • Specialty boba tea drinks + Asian fusion snacks
  • Try this: Matcha red bean latte

🧋 Boba Pho U, 3071 Freeport Blvd.

  • Vietnamese food + specialty drinks
  • Try this: Vietnamese milkshake + shrimp banh mi

🧋 Donuts & Coffey, 5611 Folsom Blvd.

  • House-made donuts, coffee + bubble tea
  • Try this: Thai tea with boba + tiramisu donut

🧋 TBar Tea Bar & Fusion Cafe, 2700 Capitol Ave.

  • Unique fusion of flavors in teas, blended drinks, snacks + bowls
  • Try this: Ginger pear sparkling tea with boba

🧋 Matcha Café Maiko, 6905 Stockton Blvd.

  • Hawaii-based chain serving tea, soft serve, and parfaits
  • Try this: Kokuto matcha + Vanilla Maiko Parfait
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