Three boat activities on the Sacramento River

T-Pain + The Lonely Island would be so jealous. | Photo by SACtoday staff

T-Pain + The Lonely Island would be so jealous. | Photo by SACtoday staff

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With kids going back to school and the end of summer steadily creeping closer, we’re longing to enjoy as much time outside as we can — especially while doing our best Titanic impression (cue that sweet, sweet Celine Dion song).

Grab your swim trunks + flippie-floppies River City, because today we’ve got three options for boating activities on the Sacramento River.

River City Queen

With many cruise options available, from a twilight-lit three-course dinner to indulging your sweet tooth with cookies and ice cream, River City Queen’s trips run ~2 hours + are available to book for private occasions like weddings.

Delta King

The floating hotel (which we’re now calling a float-el because it’s literally right there) situated on Old Sac’s waterfront hosts dinners and live music + even comes equipped with a 110-seat Victorian-style theater available to rent that previously hosted the Sacramento International Film Festival.

Sac Brew Boat

Like peanut butter and jelly, peanut butter and chocolate, or peanut butter and bananas (is there anything that peanut butter ISN’T amazing with?), day-drinking and boating go together hand-in-hand (responsibly, of course). You and up to 17 others can BYOB aboard a pedal or tiki boat + take a 90-minute journey along the river — with a stop by the riverside restaurant Virgin Sturgeon of course.

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