Free Art Friday in Sacramento

How to participate in Sacramento’s free art distribution and exchange system.

A basket of wood-handled stamps and ink sit on a glass coffee table.

City Editor Madeline just might be working on something to contribute this Friday.

Photo by SACtoday staff

Art is something that keeps our world alive and beautiful, but sometimes it’s not the most accessible. This is where Free Art Friday Sacramento comes into play — an initiative to engage local artists and share the wealth.

So, how can you participate?

First, make your own masterpiece. This can include (but is definitely not limited to) jewelry, drawing, poetry, painting, and sewing.

Next, we recommend placing your work in a waterproof bag. Include a note with instructions for the finder to tag @FreeArtFridaySacramento + your own Instagram handle (optional).

Then, on Friday between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m., hide your art anywhere in Sacramento. When you finally make the drop, post a picture of the site on Instagram and tag Free Art Friday’s account. Make sure to include a few extra hints in the caption + a sneak peek of your work.

Finally, be sure to check Free Art Friday’s account throughout the day as hints from participating artists are reposted.

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