9 places named Sacramento from around the world

A long stretch of desert reaches for a mountain range in the distance.

The Sacramento Mountains | Photo by bourbon_n_brisket

The California Gold Rush helped lead to the creation of the City of Sacramento — something you can read more about in our history of New Helvetia. — but you might not know that we aren’t the only city to form with the name Sacramento.

Today we’re highlighting Sacs from around the world + sharing a few facts about each.

Sacramento, Kentucky

A settlement first known as Crossroads, this Kentucky town in McLean County was renamed Sacramento in 1854 + incorporated into the county six years later. A highway marker was erected in 1962 to observe the Civil War-era Battle of Sacramento — something residents + visitors alike took delight in reenacting every year until it was permanently canceled in 2021 after a 25 year run.

Sacramento, New Mexico

Although this Otero County community only has a population of ~86 people, it lies in the 85-mile stretch of the Sacramento Mountains. This mountain range, which has portions comprising the Lincoln National Forest, is the only home of the endangered Sacramento prickly poppy, Sacramento Mountains thistle + checkerspot butterfly.

Sacramento, Nebraska

Established sometime between 1876-1878 with a population of ~200, Sacramento was one of the first towns to emerge in Nebraska’s Phelps County. Today, the unincorporated community — called a ghost town by many — is known for a steakhouse called The Speakeasy that serves a haute cuisine menu in a rustic-looking setting.

Sacramento, Mexico

Nestled in the state of Coahuila, the town was originally founded as Villa Nueva in 1842. Legend has it that its name was changed to Sacramentowhich means “sacrament” in Spanish — after the “Father of Mexican Independence” Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla officiated a mass at El Peñón on his way to Chihuahua.

But that’s not all: Although information may be limited, impress a friend or two by name dropping these other Sacramentos.

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