Here’s how to join a city board or commission

Get out and get involved.


It’s a beautiful city to be involved with.

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Want to get more involved in the city’s happenings but don’t know where to begin? Joining a board or a commission can help fill that void in your life — along with filling an empty seat at their table.

In Sacramento, there are more than 30 boards and commissions focused on parks, the arts, housing, and more. Today we’re sharing some that currently have vacancies or terms ending soon. To be considered, you must first fill out an application.

Animal Care Services Citizens Advisory Committee

  • One vacancy | Four-year term
  • Provide recommendations on matters related to animal care responsibilities.

Board of Plumbing Examiners

  • Five vacancies | Five-year term
  • Develop qualification exam and maintain list of qualified individuals.

Community Police Review Commission

  • Two vacancies | Four-year term
  • Review + recommend police department policies, practices, and procedures

Construction Code Board of Appeals

  • Five vacancies | Three-year term
  • Hear appeals on decisions regarding building standards and related issues.

Downtown/Riverfront Streetcar Policy Study Steering Committee

  • Five vacancies | Two-year term
  • Provide policy planning, approve goals, and communicate the objective for the streetcar program.

Ethel MacLeod Hart Trust Fund Advisory Committee

  • One vacancy | Four-year term
  • Evaluate projects and programs proposed for funding.

Relocation Appeals Board

  • Two vacancies | Lifetime term
  • Determine rules related to relocation assistance and if redevelopment agencies have followed federal regulations.
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