Here’s how to join a city board or commission


Want to get more involved in the city’s happenings but don’t know where to begin? Joining a board or a commission can help fill that void in your life + an empty seat at their table.

In Sacramento, there are 30 boards + commissions focused on parks, the arts, housing + more. Today we’re sharing with you 10 that currently have vacancies or terms ending soon. To be considered, you must first fill out an application.

Active Transportation Commission

  • One vacancy | Four-year term
  • Provide strategies and advice on issued related to walking + biking through the city.

Administration, Investment & Fiscal Management Board

  • One vacancy | Three-year term
  • Maintain + manage retirement plans throughout the city.

Aggie Square Public Financing Authority

  • Three vacancies | Two-year term
  • Serve as the governing board for the Enhanced Infrastructure Financing District.

Board of Plumbing Examiners

  • Five vacancies | Five-year term
  • Develop qualification exam + maintain list of qualified individuals.

Compensation Commission

  • Two vacancies | Four-year term
  • Establish compensation for mayor, city council + other board members.

Construction Code Board of Appeals

  • Five vacancies | Three-year term
  • Hear appeals on decisions regarding building standards + related issues.

Downtown/Riverfront Streetcar Policy Study Steering Committee

  • Five vacancies | Two-year term
  • Provide policy planning, approve goals + communicate the objective for the streetcar program.

Natomas Basin Conservancy Board of Directors

  • Two vacancies | Three-year term
  • Engage in the study + preservation of the Natomas Basin.

Planning and Design Commission

  • One vacancy | Four-year term
  • Carry out state planning + zoning laws in accordance with city code.

Preservation Commission

  • One vacancy | Three-year term
  • Recommend policies + programs across the city in support of historic preservation.
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