What are Sacramento’s best spots to see fall colors?

Come on — don’t leaf us behind

The sun shines through leaves changing color

Help us shine a light on the region’s best spots for fall colors.

Photo courtesy of @applehill

November is finally here and with its arrival come some pretty magical things.

For one, we’re celebrating the fact that we’re having to grab our waterproof boots from the back of our closets as rain now appears to be a common sight in our forecast, and, two, that the near-mythical machine the Claw will soon be scraping its way across the Sacramento streets. We might also be trying our hardest to forget that other sound of fall here in the River City.

But more important than all that, November signals what tends to be the very best time of the year to see fall colors. We want to know: What are your favorite stomping grounds to see colorful foliage around Sacramento?

Give us your best neighborhoods, trails, parks, or even nearby cities that you make it a point to see every year — your recommendations may just end up in a future newsletter.

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