Five UC Davis traditions

It's tradition for UC Davis students to find + visit all six Eggheads. | Photo by @bryn.ish

It’s tradition for UC Davis students to find + visit all six Eggheads. | Photo by @bryn.ish

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For 100+ years, students at UC Davis have celebrated their school spirit in their own unique Aggie way.

That’s why today — ahead of this weekend’s commencement ceremonies — we’re sharing some of the university’s most storied traditions.

👟 Running of the first-years

Firs’-years, follow me! Just as Hagrid led Harry Potter and the other first-years to Hogwarts, Gunrock — UC Davis’ mustang mascot — leads every willing freshman out onto the grass field of UC Davis Health Stadium before the first home game of the football season to unofficially welcome them to campus.

🐶 Puppy therapy

Is it really college if you don’t cry during finals week? Thankfully, UC Davis students can de-stress with some furry friends, courtesy of UC Davis Student Health. The doggos flock to Memorial Union during finals week to give students a way to relax + help improve their paw-formance.

🏅 Doxie derby

Obviously the best part of Picnic Day, Dachshunds from around the region gather during the annual event to race their stubby little legs to glory. In case you were wondering — it’s exactly as adorable + hilarious as it sounds.

🎺 Pajamarino

Born from an incident in the 1930s where students snuck out of their dorms in pajamas to greet arriving alumni, the homecoming staple has evolved to both students + alumni following the UC Davis Marching Band through downtown to the campus’ annual homecoming bonfire — all while in their pajamas.

🥚 Kiss the Egghead

If the puppies weren’t enough to get you through finals week, legend has it that kissing the Bookhead Egghead statue in front of Peter J. Shields Library will help you ace your finals. With six Eggheads across five locations, it’s considered impolite not to visit them all before your time as a student ends.

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