Summer weather forecast in Sacramento, California for 2022

A graphic depicting predicted weather trends in different colors across the United States.

Sacramento is ready for summer. | Graphic by The Weather Channel

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Grab your sunglasses + sunscreen, Sacramento — while we’ve had a temperate start to the season so far (the cool Fourth of July immediately comes to our minds), it looks like summer is settling in + warming up quick if this past weekend never having a high below 100º is anything to go by.

So to keep you and your wardrobe prepared, we’ve put together some of the major weather trends headed our way. Based on predictions from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Climate Prediction Center, here’s what you can expect this summer in the Sacramento region.

🌡️ Temperature

Think warm. Expect to see warmer-than-normal temperatures across much of the US, with the exception of the Midwest.

The predicted continuation of La Niña conditions plays a large role in the expected hotter-than-average July-August for the US, especially in the West.

In the River City, temperatures are expected to be leaning hotter through at least July. In fact, there’s a 40-50% chance of temps being above normal. Usually, Sac averages highs of 94° in July + 93° in August. Be sure to check out our guide to beating the heat in the region.

🌨️ Precipitation

Just waiting for the rain, the sun’s in our hearts. There’s a 100% chance that rain will trend normally through July. Usually, we average 0 inches in July, and 0.1 inches in August.

🔥 Fires

The California fire season traditionally peaks between July + October, and this year is predicted to be above-normal for significant wildland fire potential in the Sacramento Region. So far, CAL FIRE has recorded 4,026 incidents of fire + estimates that 27,848 acres have already burned.

Stay up to date with ongoing fires, and monitor your local air quality with AirNow.

⌛ Drought

The chances of our current historic drought lessening this summer is very unlikely — the trend is expected to persist through at least July 31.

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