EV charging stations in Sacramento

They’re practically EV-erywhere

A electric vehicle charging station on a sunny day

There are more than 600 electric vehicle charging stations in Sacramento.

Earlier this week, our local energy co-op SMUD partnered with Japan’s largest utility company — Tokyo Electric Power Co.on a collaborative effort to advance charging technology for electric vehicles.

First off, wow, no big deal. The two utility companies will work together to develop new EV charging technology along with electrical grid integration methods for maintaining a “resilient and reliable power grid” when most folks begin plugging in at home rather than filling up at the pump.

Secondly, this news got us thinking about the state of EV charging in Sacramento, and, it turns out, there’s a bevvy of charging stations across the River City.

Some things we noticed about the City’s interactive map:

  • Greatest density of stations are in downtown
  • Most stations outside of the Grid are found along highways
  • EV charging is provided at no additional cost at city-owned parking facilities

Want to learn more? See watt’s up with SMUD’s EV breakdown.

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