Republic FC’s watch party for the US Open Cup in Sacramento

A stylized sign reads "SAFE Credit Union Convention Center" on a concrete wall.

Cheer the Republic FC on Wed., Sept. 7 at the convention center. | Photo by SACtoday Staff

“Sacramento, get ready to stomp your feet.” If you’ve been to a Republic FC game, these words are sure to sound familiar — that is, if you can hear the announcer over the din of fans slamming the soles of their shoes onto the steel stands.

For us, these moments of the Sacramento community showing up for a team they support wholeheartedly is what makes games at Heart Health Park so electric. The undeniable sense of passion and connection between everyone in the stadium highlights that wonderful small town feeling in Sac: the one that goes “we’re all in this together.”

That’s what makes the US Open Cup Final Watch Party at SAFE Credit Union Convention Center tomorrow so special — while our indomitable club takes on Orlando City 2,000+ miles away in Florida, we can all be together, stomping in support.

The watch party, hosted by Vice Mayor Angelique Ashby + projected to be the biggest event of its kind “in Sacramento history, opens its gates at 4 p.m on Wed., Sept. 7. Some key things to know about the event:

  • Reservations are required to attend; RSVP
  • Kickoff starts at 5 p.m.
  • Head to the main event hall at the 14th and J St. entry
  • The first 2,000 fans will receive a Republic FC flag
  • If Sac Republic FC takes the final, it’ll be the first time a non-MLS team wins the US Open Cup trophy since 1999

Want to show up in support at the watch party, but haven’t been following along? Don’t worry — check out our guide to Republic FC’s historic run in the 2022 US Open Cup to get up to speed.

Additionally, for those who can’t wait for the game to start, consider joining the Sacramento Republic FC Fun Run Club. On game days, it’s a three-mile course through Midtown + East Sac.

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