Native plants in Sacramento

Our roots run deep.


We love our state flower — the California poppy.

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California’s native plants are deeply rooted in the history of the Golden State — and it’s no different in Sacramento. We have over 400 plants native to our valley.

With that, here are four no-fuss native plants that you’ll see a lot of in Sacramento — and that would look great in your yard.

California Poppy

This is the state’s flower for good reason —these hardy, beautiful, drought-tolerant blooms will grow about anywhere you put them all year long, bringing cheer and pollinators with them.

Common Yarrow

A wildly easy plant to grow, flowering best in spring + a favorite for attracting butterflies — Miwok tribes have also utilized it for pain relief and to treat colds.

California Fuchsia

The summer heat in Sacramento is no joke — except to this plant endemic to our foothills, which is often the only wildflower in bloom during June + July. Pro tip: Plant this flower in your garden if you’d like to attract hummingbirds.

Valley Oak

These stately sentinels dot the Sacramento Valley as a keystone species, supporting 300 animals, 1,000+ plants, and thousands of other organisms.

Want to know more about these natives or others that you’ve spotted on your strolls around Sacramento? Check out the California Native Plant Society’s CalScape.

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