Karaoke around Sacramento, CA

Warm up those vocal chords

Microphone on stage

You should hear City Editor Jordan’s Eddie Vedder impression.

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Whether you’re just a small town girl or a city boy, we’ve all found ourselves livin’ on a prayer when it comes to dreams of being a jukebox hero. However, life goes on long after the thrill of living is done. So, if you and some guys from school had a band and tried real hard (until Jimmy quit + Jodie got married), we’ve got five karaoke spots around Sacramento where you can sing like it was the summer of ‘69.

🎤 Pine Cove Tavern, 502 29th St.

With karaoke every night of the week except Monday, there’s always a crowd ready to sing along at this Midtown dive bar.

🎤 Oishii Sushi & Karaoke Lounge, 1000 K St.

Rally your squad, munch on some tasty sushi, and then head into your private room — three options are available depending on the size of your group — to sing your heart out.

🎤 River City Saloon, 916 Second St.

This Old Town bar is more than a tourist trap — guests can be found on Friday and Saturday nights serenading groups of locals + out-of-town visitors alike.

🎤 Corner Spot Karaoke, 6432 Tupelo Dr.

Rent out just one room or the entire space depending on the size of your audience. The available bottle service will give you all the liquid courage you need while the food menu will keep you fueled.

🎤 Powerhouse Pub, 614 Sutter St.

This Folsom bar offers live band karaoke — yes, you read that right — every Tuesday night, which seems like expert-level stuff to us.

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