Finding SAC’s best burger, Bachelor-style

City Editor Jordan’s journey to find love with a side of fries

A rose next to a cheeseburger on a plate.

We don’t recommend putting the rose on the burger, it doesn’t taste as good as you’d think.

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Hey there, Sac Nation. City Editor Jordan here, and I am many things: a father, a writer, and a #BachelorBoyfriend — but most of all I’m hungry for love, the love of the perfect burger.

That’s why, using our reader-curated list of local burger spots, I’ll be awarding roses to the places you recommended as I embark on this journey to find my forever burger over the next few weeks.

Welcome to The Hungry Sac-helor.

Week 2

This week, I had a hometown date with Willie’s (meaning I had some DoorDashed to myself), and I have to be honest… it went really well.

I’ll admit, I was definitely testing them this week by bringing the burger home — specifically with how well the burger held up under close scrutiny from my 7-year-old (the kind of kid who only wants chicken tenders when we go out to eat). After seeing how much my son enjoyed the burger, I knew Willie’s would finish the date by getting a rose.

As for meit was all about the buns, hun. I got a Slammer DCC (two patties, double cheese, and topped with chili) and, even after a ~15 minute drive, the deliciously spongy buns still held firm instead of getting all soggy. You love to see it.

Week 2 Rose Ceremony 🌹

Week 2 Eliminations 🥀

First Impression Rose 🌹

  • Suzie Burger | As soon as I moved to Sacramento, I instantly felt a connection with Suzie Burger. Their burgers are thick, packed with flavor, and cheesy in all the right ways.

Week 1 Rose Ceremony 🌹

  • Whitey’s Jolly Kone | Affordable and easygoing, I can’t wait to explore the connection Whitey’s and I have.
  • Broderick Roadhouse | I noticed Broderick as soon as it stepped out of the limo, and I’m hoping the Johnny Cash burger doesn’t leave me “Hurt” (I have a sensitive tummy).
  • Willie’s Burgers | A great burger for going out on weekends, I’m really hoping the connection we’ve made holds strong during the weekdays as well.
  • Burgers and Brew | This burger brings a lot to the table — specifically a variety of fries — but will that be enough?
  • Dad’s Kitchen | These burgers are not allowed to be cooked well done. High standards like that deserve to be explored.
  • Flaming Grill Cafe | These worldly burgers are very intriguing. I’m hoping we can spend some more time together so I can gain some clarity.
  • Crepes & Burgers | These burgers seem very intentional, but with such a big focus on breakfast, I need to know they’re here for the right reason.
  • Scott’s Burger Shack | An old flame from when I lived in South Sac, the producers are wondering if there’s still enough of a connection to rekindle that spark.
  • Krush Burger | I have small hands and these tiny burgers make me feel like a giant... but do I have a connection with these burgers, or just the idea of them?
  • Squeeze Burger | My toxic trait is eating more cheese than my body can handle. For that, this burger gets a rose.
  • Pangaea Bier Cafe | The looks, the taste, the resume — this season’s arguable frontrunner has it all.
  • Bones Craft Kitchen | The El Diablo burger is so hot, but so good I don’t even care about how sweaty I get in public (it’s somewhere between “pretty sweaty” and “very sweaty”).
  • Jointed Cue Billiards | With a menu that includes lumpia and carne asada fries, I’m wary about this burger’s ability to commit, but ready to give it a chance.
  • Lou’s Drive-In No. 2 | When a burger feels like home, you give it a rose — and that’s how the burgers from Lou’s feel to me.
  • Village Drive-In | I haven’t had a ton of time with this burger, but I was really struck by our initial interaction and would love to see if we have a connection.

Week 1 Eliminations 🥀

  • Burger Patch | This is my journey and I want my burger to be made of meat, not plant-based. I know they will find their person though.
  • LowBrau | I just feel like LowBrau does sausages better than burgers, and because of that, they will not be getting a rose this week.
  • BBQ & Burgers | To be honest, I’m just not crazy about BBQ sauce, and it doesn’t feel fair to lead them on.
  • Burger Junction | Good burger, but I just didn’t feel that spark I’m looking for.
  • Ettore’s Dessert and Cakes | Ettore’s is so sweet, but they really are more of a dessert destination than a burger place for me.
  • Skip’s Kitchen | This was such a hard decision — *wipes away tear* — but I just didn’t feel a connection with Skip’s.
  • Sunflower Drive In | These burgers are a little too nutty for me — kind of like Shanae and Lace (if you’re currently watching “Bachelor In Paradise” season eight, you know).
  • pure soul plant-based eats | These burgers are so deserving of love, but I just don’t think plant-based burgers are for me.
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