👋 Meet the editors behind SACtoday

Say hello to Jordan + Madeline, the faces behind your favorite morning newsletter about all things Sacramento.

City Editors Jordan and Madeline are frozen in a jump mid-air, with Sacramento's capitol building in the background.

City Editors Jordan and Madeline jump for joy after curating this very article.

Photo by SACtoday staff

Hey Sacramentans, Jordan + Madeline here. We work together to highlight hyperlocal news and happenings in the Sacramento area — both through our newsletter + social media.

Jordan has been with SACtoday for nearly two years + Madeline joined us in early October. We want to use this opportunity to give our readers a proper introduction and share some of our favorite things about the City of Trees.

🏈 Meet Jordan

Q: Describe your perfect day in Sacramento.
A: Breakfast from Oscar’s Very Mexican Food, followed by lunch at Jack’s Urban Eats, and dinner at Uncle Vito’s Slice of N.Y. Throw in a little Concerts in the Park action and I’m not sure there’s more I could ask for.

Q: You’re taking someone on a date in Sacramento. Where are you going?
A: Speaking of Vito’s — my now girlfriend and I had our first date at Uncle Vito’s back when it was still on 16th Street. If, however, something happened to her and she told me to move on and be happy, then — after the appropriate amount of grieving — I’d probably pick NEO Escape Rooms. I really like puzzles + it’s a great activity to learn how someone’s brain works and how they handle stress.

Q: What’s something every new Sacramentan should know?
A: That you will develop allergies to one of thousands of trees across the city. It’s not a question of if — but when.

📚 Meet Madeline

Q: You’re ordering a drink from a SAC coffee shop. What’s in it?
A: If you’re a regular at Temple Coffee, then maybe you know about their seasonal ginger syrup. I love ordering a dirty chai (chai + espresso) with oat milk, then adding in their ginger syrup to finish. Iced or hot, every time it is amazing and really hits the spot on a cozy fall day. A barista at their location on K Street gave me the idea, and I haven’t looked back since.

Q: What were the last three things you did downtown?
A: Shopping at the Midtown Farmers Market, grabbing a bagel at Goodside Coffee + strolling the streets to take in Sac’s array of vibrant murals.

Q: What is your favorite sweet treat in Sacramento?
A: I’m a sucker for Freeport Bakery‘s croissants. I have to be a little snobby about this after living next to authentic French patisseries. Freeport’s croissants have that perfect buttery, flaky texture I know and love.

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